Help 1 million people find hope in Jesus this Easter!

"#FallingPlates is an easy and effective way to share Christ this Easter." Howard Crutsinger, Executive Producer


You are invited to be part of a concerted effort to share our faith
by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing #FallingPlates on various social networks.

#FallingPlates is a simple, relevant and compelling way to share the gospel. In 4 mins, through various visual metaphors it clearly explains our relationship with God as it's meant to be, and invites the viewer to a true and lasting relationship with Christ.

#FallingPlates has seen more than 390,000 views since it launched on 12/12/12, and continues to draw more than 2000 viewers a day, many expressing how it has powerfully impacted them.

We really desire for many more to become followers of Christ through watching this film.

You can play a part.

TWEET, BLOG, POST #FallingPlates video on MARCH 29

What can I do?

1. Share the video
  • -Write a blog post about Easter during the Holy Week, embed the video
  • -Tweet about it on March 29. (ideas here)
  • -Post on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. starting on Good Friday (March 29) through Easter (March 31). (ideas here)
2. Mobilize others to join in this campaign.
  • -Encourage others to join you, to share their faith using this film.
  • -Make it a group activity with your church groups.
3. Watch and Pray
  • -Anticipate what God will do through this effort.
  • -Respond to your friends' questions after they watch the video. Follow up with them.
  • -Pray that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who watch it.

Will you join us?
Put it on your calendar!

Mobilize Others.
Share this blog post with your church

How to Share Suggested Tweets and Posts

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